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RFID System of Library Management
I. Introduction
Self-circulation books over the years, the rapid inventory, find, organize books Disorder and other issues have been plaguing the management and staff of the library. Invengo relying on a strong R & D capabilities of RFID technology, after years of research and development efforts to form a series of library equipment, greatly improve management, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity management, provides a complete application areas for the library solution.

Second, the system components
RFID library management system include: label converting systems, self-checkout systems, self-help book system, intelligent search system, cart inventory systems, security doors detection system.

Third, the system functions
◇ readers borrow books simplify procedures and shorten the book circulation cycle, improve the book lending rate, to enhance the level of human services library, a library full of public service functions, has been welcomed by readers.
◇ provide a new library inventory model, reducing the labor intensity of management, a substantial increase in inventory and the wrong book shelf book finishing efficiency.
◇ look so wrong shelf of books become more efficient and convenient, to further tap the potential of library resources, improve the utilization of library materials.
◇ security doors put away more spacious, more comfortable and out of the reader. Because RFID security gate does not produce false positives and avoid unnecessary disputes between the reader and the management staff, the harmonious relationship between the reader and the management staff.

Fourth, the implementation of effective systems
◇ improve management efficiency
◇ improve the book lending rate
◇ enhance the level of human services library
◇ reduce the labor intensity management
◇ readers by simplifying the procedures for book

◇ substantial increase in inventory and the wrong book shelf book finishing efficiency

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