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Ultralow power-consuming STM8L series MCU
STM8L152R8 processor,64Kbytes Flash,4Kbytes RAM;
2Kbytes embedded EEPROM, no need to expanse externally, recording important but non-volatile data;
Operate at low voltage 1.8-3.6V, power consumption decreases to 0.4uA in Halt mode;
Multi-channel chip with peripheral interface, two SPI, one I2C, three USART, 8/16-bit timer and fast and high accuracy D/A、A/D converter.
4X40(320 pixels) LED driving ability, customizing display according to the customer’s needs.
                                                                Main Chip Stm8l152r8
Stm8l152r8, controlling LCD, temperature test, keyboard and mode switching, is the key processing module of this programme. It connects with IIC and RF transceiver, achieving the functions of data wireless transceiving, wireless remote controlling and local key controlling.
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