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model£º CF- IC- 7I
name£º 7- inch industrial color touch screen integrated controller
Structure optimization:
Professional integrated settings, which abandons the traditional HMI (Human Machine Interaction) and PLC, makes the control and feedback more direct by using design concepts of communication control and high real-time control. It is more suitable for professional equipment. Integrating multiple functional modules, it saves a lot of hardware cost and physical space. One-unit design is not only easy to install and debug, but also more convenient in after-sales support and maintenance.
Easy to wire: Plug in the controlled device or sensor according to the wiring diagram , then insert the plug into the controller to finish the connection;
After-sales technical support is convenient. Just pull out the plug directly and then change the controller .
Hardware integration: Temperature acquisition modules are integrated into the internal controller. This can be done by putting the K-¡¢K+ line into the plug(Take the K probe as an example);
Controller with inverter controller can realize intelligent speed adjustment.

Multi- version program management:
The controller integrating a large amount of hardware resources can support a variety of equipments. Users only need to burn the necessary equipment procedures. Controllling the burning program is also very convenient. Just simply connecting the U-disk  with the programmer and then inserting them into the controller can achieve corresponding to a variety of devices by one controller, thus making production and after-sale allocation more  flexibly and  reducing the cost of management.

Software management£º
All programs are saved into users’ U-disk. Users can burn the necessary  device procedures according to their own production;
All procedures in U-disk can be upgraded and downloaded from the internet.

Chipset and strain devices are all made of imported high-performance materials. Core PCB plates are made of military-grade materials by the same level manufacturing technique.  LCD and touch screen with industrial-grade quality. Professional software systems and hardware and software anti-jamming algorithm.

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