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model£º CF- IC- 8I
name£º 8-inch industrial color touch screen Integrated controller


1 High-accuracy analog acquisition modules: Separated MCU high speed analog, completing the acquisition function of the sensor.
2 Analog output modules: After sensor collecting data  and  core module calculating, it controls the frequency to adjust motor’s speed by frequency adjustment module dynamically outputting 0-10V analog voltage.

3 Essential modules£ºThe core unit of the whole system is composed of CPU and storage device of ARM kernel. Its highest running speed can reach 400MHZ. The core module of the system mainly completes the output control algorithm, screen displaying, touching and so on.
4 68PIN interface board: Connecting the upper PC and lower PC through the SCSI cable, finishing communication functions between supervisors and employees. This interface uses stable and reliable industrial XQC68 communication protocols, which has strong anti-jamming effects.


The function of discrete extended controlling system product is basically the same with that of all in one device. This controllling system product is designed with discrete and extended frame, so that it can be suitable for plenty of inputs and output. Loss type model in performing structure of lower computer is pluggable,guaranteeing good after-sale matainence. Benefit from its new imported materials, its performance and duration are guaranteed.

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