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1, Liquid level monitoring: Display of liquid position and feeding conditions in real time.
2, Temperature monitoring: Real-time temperature display of A/B primary heating and auxiliary heating. Flash alarm for over-high preset.
3, Pressure monitoring: Show of A, B, exit pressure and AB pressure difference. Flash alarm for over-high preset.
4, Proportional show: Display the preset AB mixing ratio.
5, Temperature control: Open or close heating device, click the input box to set target temperature.
6, Flow control: Two modes- manual and automatic mode. Clicking "+-" manually to increase or decrease output in manual mode[Attention: The speed of AB is adjusted synchronously according to the proportion.]; Under automatic mode, it is automatically adjusted according to the feedback of the outlet pressure.
7, Open the gun: Two modes- manual and program mode. Under manual mode, you can set manually as needed. Under program schema, you can select the countdown, it’ll stop shooting automatically at the end of the countdown after finishing setting.

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